About Us

Our objective is to make an enduring and innovative contribution to the growth and optimisation of our clients’ businesses.

We employ a customised approach, intelligently using the client information, in a work model in which partnership is fundamental.

Our coaching involves a two-way learning process: the more we learn about your business, the more we can teach. With effectiveness, assertiveness and simplicity.

Our Work And Services

Our way of working is different, because innovation is part of our DNA. We focus on resolving client difficulties, seeking to optimise processes and maximize results. Following a rigorous analysis, we develop customised management solutions that involve different approaches to each issue. We identify and resolve problems quickly in conjunction with the client team.



Our challenge in the transport sector is to take results to the next level. In public transport, the constant demand for cheaper tariffs and better services obliges companies to find new solutions. Transport companies need to adapt to new labour norms and deal with Brazil’s challenging infrastructure. It’s necessary to analyse each client, guiding the fleet to the most profitable ones and improve the planning of routes to obtain the best passenger per km driven indices. In addition to this, one must also aim to reduce fuel costs, efficiently manage maintenance, as well as optimise the work scale.


In retail, one can neither afford to lose sales nor miss out on opportunities to improve the management of the business. Shops with low productivity, intense competition, inefficient stock and product portfolio management, and labour problems are just a few key management dilemmas. It’s necessary to focus on the target market, choosing the best strategies for the business. In addition to this, the work force must be better prepared and the product mix and supply chain optimised.


Building a presence in the construction market is as difficult as building physical structures. Most companies have problems meeting project delivery deadlines, productivity, labour turnover, quality and cost control, as well as project planning and budgeting. Our role is to identify the cause of these problems, focusing on the resources and timeframes required for the conclusion of each stage of the project, the management of productivity indices, and expenditure on raw materialsimproving the efficiency percentages of all project areas as a result.

Specialised services

How to balance the equation between working YOUR business or IN YOUR business? Physicians attending patients and managing their clinics. Lawyers defending their causes and concerned with the management of their business. Great chefs concerned with creating amazing dishes, but rolled with the financial results of their restaurants. Specialized services ask for special solutions. The highly specialized and highly technical business bias eventually cause problems in view of the market and use of information for decision making. Optimize processes and controlling costs is critical to the health of any company. Training and retaining good people are other major issues in this business model. The solution includes a better expenditure management, and strategies, objectives, roles and responsibilities better defined. How to professionalize the transition between the expert and the entrepreneur is the key question.

Family companies

Family is family. Business is separate. When a family business becomes a professional operation, personal conflicts can form barriers to growth. Family conflict, succession problems, and flawed tax structures can harm results. It is fundamental to train executives, set clear goals, and optimise resources in order to streamline management.